myqueenofthenight said: Hey. Lovely to meet you! Wanted to ask, when should you not sing? And by that I mean with regards to pain, would you certainly know there was something wrong or could you mistake it? Would be so grateful if you'd help me. Thanks.


Hello. I am not a singer, so I asked janehoffmansoprano for her advice. 
"My answer would be that it’s like working out. Muscle soreness/fatigue is normal; means you’re working parts of your anatomy in new ways. Sharp pains are not normal; that means something is wrong. If you are always experiencing soreness, pain, fatigue after practicing, then you know you’re doing something wrong. And if you’re not sure? Time to see a doctor.
In the same vein, you wouldn’t hit the gym if you were sick, so why would you sing while sick?”
So basically, be smart about it and if you’re not sure, go talk to a medical professional. Hope this helps!

I helped with a thing! 

The only thing I’d add, myqueenofthenight, is that you should trust your own knowledge of your body. You will know when something doesn’t feel right. In general, I don’t think being overly cautious ever killed anyone. 

I remember not being able to buy coffee from a machine because I didn’t have the 30 cents. I performed in every hospital, every nursing home. Once a lady was crying. She said, ‘I have really strong pain, but when you sang, it disappeared.’ And from then, I took what I am doing seriously.
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The Cafe Grumpy mascot knows just how I feel. #sendcoffee

The Cafe Grumpy mascot knows just how I feel. #sendcoffee


Wee Clara Schumann 

This is adorable. Always reblog Clara Schumann.


Wee Clara Schumann 

This is adorable. Always reblog Clara Schumann.


Born Today: Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury (born Farrokh Bulsara, September 5, 1946 – November 24, 1991) was a British singer-songwriter and producer, best known as the lead vocalist and lyricist of the rock band Queen. Learn more about this 2001 inductee at the Library and Archives.

Audio clip: Queen, “Killer Queen,” recorded in Tokyo, Japan in 1985. From the Frederick S. Boros Audio Recordings.

Happy birthday to Freddie Mercury, one of my favorite voices in popular music!

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Name: Jane 
Birthday: September 28th
Favorite color: Turquoise 
Lucky number: I don’t have one. I’m not that superstitious I suppose! 
Height: 5’5” 
Talents: Singing, cooking, baking, nail painting, knitting, making funny faces, identifying mystery tastes and smells, always making my flight no matter how late I get to the airport. 
Last dream you remember: I dreamed that myself and my family were hiding from a gang of outlaws in a giant mansion. We were trying to go further in to be safer, but we kept finding infinitely more rooms, and infinitely lower levels. 
Can you juggle: I’m not even close to being that coordinated. 
Do you like writing: Once I get down to it, I do. 
Do you like dancing: Yes!
Do you like singing: Ya think…? 


Dream vacation: Either a few weeks in a spacious apartment in a city with good food and museums, or a few weeks in a tiny cabin on a tropical beach with plenty of coconuts and sunscreen.
Dream guy/gal: A smart, kind, funny person who thinks and feels deeply but doesn’t take life too seriously. 
Dream wedding: One with good music, and good food.
Dream pet: A few cats. 
Dream job: Being a professional opera singer, believe it or not. :)
Favorite album: This is a tough choice, but I’m going with “Blue” by Joni Mitchell. 
Least favorite song: Anything overly repetitive. 
Least favorite album: If I hated it, why would I have listened to the whole album? 
Least favorite artist: I don’t spend time listening to music that doesn’t do something for me. 


Guys/girls/both/other: Men.  
Hair color: I’m easy to please!
Eye color: Blue. 
Humorous/serious: You need both, always. 
Taller/shorter: Tall! I’m short, so that’s a must. 
Biggest turn-off: Lack of a sense of humor, lack of empathy, pretension, close-mindedness, hypocrisy, proud ignorance, sexism, racism, any other ism you can think of. 
Biggest turn-on: Intelligence, creativity, vulnerability, confidence, cultivating one’s inner child - in a good way!

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Wherever perfectionism is driving, shame is riding shotgun. Perfectionism is not about healthy striving, which you see all the time in successful leaders, it’s not about trying to set goals and being the best we can be, perfectionism is basically a cognitive behavioral process that says if I look perfect, work perfect, and do everything perfectly, I can avoid shame, ridicule, and criticism. It’s a defense mechanism.

"Why Doing Awesome Work Means Making Yourself Vulnerable"

So, I’ve been waiting for someone to explain this extremely simple concept to me my entire life.

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Hooooly shit I needed to read this article.

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"When I interview leaders, artists, coaches, or athletes who are very successful, they never talk about perfectionism as being a vehicle for success. What they talk about is that perfectionism is a huge trigger, one they have to be aware of all the time, because it gets in the way of getting work done."


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Oh man this is so relevant to my life.

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Maria Callas talking about the pressures of fame.

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